Rahul Dravid confirms T20 WC as his last assignment as India coach

Rahul Dravid has officially announced that the current ICC Men’s Twenty 20 World Cup will be his final event serving as the head coach of the Indian squad. He has unequivocally said that he will not submit an application for the position that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had advertised last month.

“This will be the final one for which I am responsible,” Dravid stated prior to India’s initial match against Ireland in New York. “Regrettably, due to my current life circumstances and demanding schedules, I am inclined to believe that I will not be able to submit another application.” Indeed, it will unquestionably be my final one. However, I must emphasize that the event holds the same level of importance for me.

Dravid was especially addressing a question about whether he considered the World Cup to be an exceptionally significant event, given that it would be his final tournament as the leader of the Indian team. “I thoroughly enjoy performing the task.” I have derived immense satisfaction from tutoring India, and I consider it to be an exceptionally unique and fulfilling occupation. “I derived pleasure from collaborating with this team, and it is an exceptional group of individuals to work alongside,” he added.

Dravid became leadership of the Indian side in November 2021, succeeding Ravi Shastri. This happened following the conclusion of an ICC Twenty20 World Cup in Dubai. Since then, he has supervised a Twenty20 World Cup in 2022, a World Test Championship final in 2023, and a 50-over World Cup in the same year. The World Cup held in October-November of the previous year was anticipated to be his final engagement as the coach of India. However, he consented to continue in his position till the present tournament.

India, under the leadership of Dravid, emerged victorious in 14 out of the 17 bilateral T20I series, which included triumphs in England and New Zealand. Under his rule, India achieved victory in 10 out of the 14 One Day International (ODI) series and 6 out of the 8 Test series.

“Frankly speaking, I perceive this as unremarkable or noteworthy in any particular way.” It dates back to the initial day I started working. I have consistently believed that each game holds significance and carries weight. “And that will remain unchanged,” he stated.

Dravid’s announcement coincides with significant speculation that Gautam Gambhir is being evaluated by the BCCI as a potential successor. Gambhir, who just led Kolkata Knight Riders to victory in the IPL, expressed his willingness to accept the role if it is offered to him.

“I have a strong desire to assume the role of coaching the Indian team.” There is no greater privilege. As the representative of 1.4 billion Indians, both within the country and beyond, the magnitude of your role in representing India cannot be overstated. Gambir recently stated publicly that it is not he who would assist India in winning the World Cup, but rather the 1.4 billion Indians who will contribute to India’s victory.

Gambhir has not yet confirmed whether he has submitted an application for the position, with the deadline being May 27.